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The Ones Who Understand Us


Available In: Paperback and eBook

Matthew is ready for a fresh start in New York City. He’s been caught up in his work as an attorney since college and figures it’s time to open his life—and his heart—to more than just work. First step: Introduce himself to his beautiful new neighbor, the jumpy woman who likes to run the city streets.

Veronica wasn’t just out for a run. She was running to escape the nightmares of her past that fill her dreams every night and the face of her mother haunting her imagination. She’s been trying to escape her past for a long time, throwing herself into her work as a social worker to redeem the childhood that was stolen from her. When a child’s court case doesn’t go as planned and her world feels like it is spiraling downhill, her kind and attractive new neighbor rushes to her rescue.

The journey to healing is long, but Matthew just might be the reason Veronica can finally stop running and come home. 

The Ones Who Came Before Us


Available In: Paperback and eBook

Veronica Summers is just settling into her new life away from New York City after quitting her job as a DCF Social Worker to focus on her own healing, when she receives a call that brings her to a sudden halt. It's a race against time to rescue Ashley Roberts from her abusive mother, Les. Veronica's boyfriend, Matthew Adams, joins her in the fresh legal battle for Ashley's life. 

Ashley loves and hates her mother. As she wrestles with the complexity of emotions she feels, she comes to the realization that the lives of the ones who came before her don’t have to be what define who she will become. 


Will Veronica and Matthew be able to save Ashley this time?


The story is a continuation, picking up right where the story left off in "The Ones Who Understand Us". This story can also be read as a standalone. 

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